World Class Resources!

Crowder HR Consulting Firm. Founded in 2010, we focused on providing world class resources, when ordinary isn’t enough to our clients. We specialize in providing staffing and consulting for worldwide industries.

We are confident that you will be very satisfied with the services that we offer.

Why choose our services?

  • Crowder HR Consulting Firm is structured to provide invaluable assistance to small, medium and large size companies. One-time charge/no recurring fees.

  • With over 25yrs experience in a wide-based industry, we specialize in better process and cost-effectiveness. With our experience, we are more qualified and knowledgeable. We can accommodate all of your HR needs. Put us to the test. We are dedicated to serving you.

Our Services:

  • Personnel File Development & Review

  • Job Description Development

  • Healthcare

  • Hospitality

  • Diversity

  • Professional Development

  • Executive Search

  • Unemployment claims

  • Accounting

  • IT

  • Internal Employee Relation

  • Coaching and Consultation

  • Drug screen

  • Background check

  • Payroll

  • Staffing/Recruiting

  • On-Site Training Onboard

Our Obligation To You:

  • We provide trustworthy service to allow you to focus on the growth your company.

  • Quickly and efficiently, giving you a peace of mind.

  • Working diligently to customize the results, because we pride ourselves on understanding the needs of your company.

Call Us Today: 832-738-9184 FREE Initial Consultation!

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