About Crowder HR Consulting  Firm, LLC

Why Choose Our Services?

Our Services:

Our Obligation to You:

  • Crowder HR Consulting Firm, LLC is structured to provide invaluable assistance to small, medium and large size companies.

  •  With over 25 years of experience in a wide-based industry, we specialize in better process and cost-effectiveness.

  • As  a result of our experience, we are more qualified and knowledgeable to accommodate all of your HR needs. Put us to the test, we are dedicated to serving you.

  • Personnel File Development & Review

  • Construction

  • Post Construction Cleanups

  • Job Description Development

  • Internal Employee Relation

  • Coaching and Consultation

  • Drug screen

  • Policies and Procures

  • Background check

  • Payroll

  • Staffing/Recruiting

  • On-Site Training Onboard

  • We provide trustworthy service to allow you to focus on the growth of your company. 

  •  We quickly and efficiently give you a peace of mind.

  • We work diligently to customize  results, because we take  pride  in understanding the needs of your company.